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Egistering For A Dumpster Rental In Nj

Registering for a Dumpster Rental in NJ

Do you need a permit to have a dumpster at your home? Depending on where you are located in New Jersey and where you want to place the dumpster, you may need to get a dumpster permit. The rules vary from town to town, so you want to check in with your local government to make sure you know all of the rules. However, we can tell you the basic steps you need to follow to get a dumpster permit in New Jersey. If you have more questions about registering for a dumpster rental, give us a call. We may be able to give you information that is specific to your area.

You probably do not need a permit.

Most people will not need a permit for their dumpsters. If you are putting a dumpster on your personal property, you probably do not need a permit. In most locations, you have the right to place a temporary dumpster on your personal property. However, you may be subject to rules and restrictions, including HOA rules.

If you are going to be blocking public property, you will need a permit.

If you are placing your dumpster in the street or other public property, you will need to get a permit. You will also need a permit if you are blocking public property, including sidewalks.

HOAs do not issue permits.

If you need a permit, you will need to go to a government office. While the HOA can give you permission to place a dumpster, it cannot issue you a permit.

In most cities, the city public works department issues dumpster permits.

Not sure who to contact to get your dumpster permit? Your local public works department is a good place to start. Even if another local office issues the permits, public works should be able to tell you where to go.

You can probably apply for a permit online.

If you realize that you do need a permit, you need to find the right government agency. If it is not the city public works department, it is probably the building department. You can find contact numbers for those offices online. You may also be able to find their websites. Many of these local offices have permit applications online.

Dumpster permits are approved quickly.

Assuming that your request complies with all local rules, you can expect a quick approval. In most locations, approvals take about 1 business day when registering for a dumpster rental.

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