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Junk Removal

Junk Removal

Does your house feel like you live in an episode of Hoarders? For most of us, when our house is feeling cluttered, we can get overwhelmed. That is true whether you are dealing with an actual hoarding situation or simply feeling overwhelmed by junk.

Full-Service Junk Removal

At Remove All Rubbish, we are a full-service rubbish removal company. We can handle complete clean outs, moving services, decluttering, and clean-up. We offer both full-job pricing and prices for hourly labor.

Heavy Lifting and Hauling

Need some muscles? One of our services is handling the heavy lifting. Whether you are loading a moving van or simply rearranging a room, we can move things for you. Let us use our muscle and spare yours!


Need light demolition services? If you are tackling a smaller remodel, you may need some light demolition services. We can handle things like cabinet removal, ripping old flooring, and getting your home ready for a demolition project. Then we haul out the debris and take it away from your house.

Yard Junk

One of the top questions we get is whether we handle junk in your yard. We can tear down old buildings, like sheds. We can get rid of small yard appliances and other yard debris. However, if you have cars or other vehicles sitting in the yard, we do not handle them. We can help you find companies that will haul away non-moving vehicles.


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Being in the junk removal business, we do not think that this is true! Not all trash is secretly treasure. However, if you are getting new furniture, planning a remodel, or cleaning out an estate, you may have a lot of stuff in great condition. We will haul things away to donate. We partner with organizations that reuse old furniture, appliances, and even things like fixtures and cabinetry. If it can get a second life somewhere else, we will donate it. If you want your junk taken to a specific charity, we can haul it there, as well.


One of the top questions we get is whether we are an eco-friendly company. Some junk can create big problems in a traditional landfill. Electronics contain components that can compromise ground water and create other environmental issues. We dispose of all junk in an environmentally responsible manner, recycle when possible, and even reuse materials when there is a demand.

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