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How To Load Your Dumpster

How to Load Your Dumpster

How do you get the most out of your dumpster? Dumpsters are rented by size, but also by maximum weight that they can hold. If you fill the dumpster loosely, you are probably not going to reach your weight limit. That means that you are not getting the best value from your dumpster.

In addition, loading a dumpster can be dangerous. Depending on the size of the dumpster, it can be difficult to get items, particularly heavy or bulky items, into the dumpster. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself when trying to get rid of things.

However, you can take a few easy steps to properly load your dumpster. They will help you get the most for your money. They will also help keep you safe. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of a project? For many of us, the prep work is the worst part.

Big Items First

If you can, throw big or bulky items into the dumpster before anything else. Smaller items can filter down into the space between the bulky items, letting you fit more into the dumpster.

Fill in the Gaps

While you are filling the dumpster, look for empty spots. If you just toss things in haphazardly, you could have a ton of wasted space. It can be too hard to shift items to get to empty space.

Break Things Down

How easy is it to break down the items you are throwing into the dumpster? If you can break things down into smaller parts, you will be able to fit more into the dumpster.

Flatten Boxes

If you are throwing out boxes, you also want to flatten them. Taking just a few minutes to break down your boxes can save a tremendous amount of space. If you throw a regular, empty box into the dumpster you could easily take up ten times the space you would by breaking down the box.

Do Not Exceed the Dumpster’s Side Walls

It might be tempting to keep piling things onto a full dumpster. However, while those items are not going to stay in place while we are transporting the dumpster. Instead, they can get loose and pose a danger to people while we are loading or transporting.

Distribute Weight Evenly

Weight does not have to be completely consistent across your dumpster. However, you do not want any part of the dumpster to be significantly heavier or lighter than other areas of the dumpster. It can lead to dangerous scenarios for you, while you load your dumpster, and for us while transporting.

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