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Residential Dumpsters For Homeowners

Are you making your home improvement project more difficult? The odds are that you are. If you are tackling a DIY project that generates a lot of junk, trash, or debris, you may be trying to handle disposal through your normal trash services. However, that can come with a lot of rules that require you to spend a lot of energy prepping your trash. It can also get very expensive, especially if you live in a town where you are charged for any excess garbage. Make your job easier by contacting us to rent a dumpster for homeowner projects.

Why do homeowners rent dumpsters?

Any big project that requires getting rid of bulk material. We have had homeowners rent dumpsters:

  • To get rid of old flooring
  • For pre renovation tear outs
  • To clean-out hoarding scenarios
  • For seasonal cleaning
  • To remove old equipment from the yard
  • When busting up concrete
  • To prepare for estate sales
  • To handle yard debris
  • To remove dirt when grading a yard

What size dumpster do you need?

It depends on your project. If you do not regularly throw out bulk trash, you may have a difficult time estimating what size dumpster you need. No worries. Our customer services specialists are trained to talk through the project, to ensure you get the right size dumpster to meet your needs.

What size dumpsters are available?

We have a range of dumpster sizes that are ideal for everything from small projects to huge renovations.
The dumpsters you need for projects of any size.

  • 10 yards
  • 20 yards
  • 30 yards
  • 40 yards

A 10-yard dumpster measures 3x8x12 feet. It holds 10 cubic yards of waste. It is ideal for projects like a spring cleaning or other clean-out.

A 20-yard dumpster measures 4’7x8x12 feet. It holds 20 cubic yards of waste. It is good for medium sized projects, including removing substantial yard waste. It is big enough to use if you need to dispose of some furniture.

A 30-yard dumpster measures 6x8x22 feet. It holds 30 cubic yards of waste. It is great for large projects such as preparing for a renovation or tear-out after a flood. However, keep the height in mind. A 6-foot-tall dumpster can be difficult for some people to use.

A 40-yard dumpster measures 8×8.5×22 feet. It holds 40 cubic yards of waste. If you have to clean-out an entire estate or are dealing with a hoarder clean-out, this is the dumpster size for you.

10 Yard Dumpsters

Our 10 Yard Dumpsters Are Good For:
Small Renovations
Minor Excavations
Light Cleanups
12' L x 8' W x 3' H

15 Yard Dumpsters

Our 15 Yard Dumpsters Are Good For:
Home construction projects
Home clean-outs
Outdoor projects
12' L x 8' W x 4'7" H

20 Yard Dumpsters

Our 20 Yard Dumpsters Are Good For:
Building Waste Removal
Moderate excavation
Furniture Removal
16' L x 8' W x 4'7" H

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