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Clean Out


Tackling a massive clean-out project can be emotionally overwhelming. That is because messes often have an emotional cause at their root. Cleaning out an estate can have emotional overtones, which make it difficult to get rid of items because of their connections to loved ones. Getting rid of your children’s toys or clothing can feel like you are losing part of their childhood. Hoarders find it emotionally challenging to get rid of items, even when they know that they are in a dangerous and unhealthy living situation.

At Remove All Rubbish, we are a full-service clean-out company. In addition to handling junk removal, we also handle full clean-outs. Whether you need help with a hoarding scenario or to clean-out a home to get it ready to sell, we can handle the cleaning.

Junk Removal

Our basic services start with junk removal. Junk removal can be as easy as people pointing out the junk they want removed, and us removing it. Getting rid of old appliances? Reorganizing your garage? Getting rid of stuff after a divorce? Getting prepared for a home improvement project? We can help you get rid of junk and free up things in your house.

Professional Services

Sure, you can hire “some guys” to help you clean-out your property. In most situations, clean-out services may be hard work, but it is not challenging work. You could save a few dollars up front by hiring an unskilled laborer. The problem is that when you do that you expose yourself to risk. At Remove All Rubbish, we are licensed and insured. If we damage something while handling your junk removal, we are responsible. If one of our employees is injured while working on your property, we are responsible. By hiring professionals, you get peace of mind.

Multi-Level Pricing

Many people think that clean-out services are just based on the size of your house or the amount of junk that you have. However, clean-out services depend on the amount of cleaning we have to do. There can be more cleaning services in a small hoarder’s house than in a complete clear-out of a large estate. That is why we do not offer prices without seeing the site. We do give free, no-obligation, reliable estimates once we have reviewed your site and learned what type of services you need. We can offer pricing by the job or offer you a per-hour rate.

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