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Can You Dispose Of Yard Waste In Rental Dumpsters?

Can You Dispose of Yard Waste in Rental Dumpsters?

Need to throw out yard waste? If you are cleaning up yard debris, you may think the easiest way is to put it in a dumpster. However, you want to let your dumpster company know if you are handling yard waste. That is especially true if you are handling any contaminated soil. While most dumpster rental companies will have dumpsters available for yard waste, they may use different dumpsters for yard waste and for other types of waste.

Can Yard Waste Go in a Dumpster?

Yes, yard waste can go in a dumpster. You can throw out grass, leaves, shrubbery, tree stumps, branches, and other green waste.

However, not all yard waste is meant for dumpsters. Sod can be too heavy for a regular dumpster, so you want to make sure the rental company knows if you are going to be getting rid of sod. It can change the size of the dumpster you need, as well as the disposal requirements.

Can Soil Go in a Dumpster?

While many people lump soil in with yard waste, soil actually falls in a different category. Soil does not go to the landfills, so a dumpster company might have to make special arrangements to get rid of it. In addition, some soil may be contaminated. If you are removing soil to grade an area, make sure your dumpster company knows about the project, so they can arrange for the proper disposal.

What Size Dumpster Do I Need?

If you are handling normal yard clean up, then you can probably use a 10-yard dumpster. These dumpsters are big enough to handle even big yard clean up, like you would have at the beginning of the spring. If you will be trimming trees, you may need a 15-yard dumpster. They are a better size for branches and shrubbery. If you are overhauling all of your landscaping, then a 20-yard container is the right choice. It can handle heavier weights and more waste.

Contact Remove All Rubbish to find out more about yard waste disposal. Our friendly customer service representatives will ask questions about your project to make sure you end up with the right dumpsters to help you complete your project.

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