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Are Dumpster Rentals Required For Dumping Household Garbage?

Are Dumpster Rentals Required for Dumping Household Garbage?

If you are doing a small cleanup job, you may wonder if you need a dumpster. If you are only handling household garbage, it is reasonable to think that your normal garbage service can handle the trash. However, most household garbage services limit how much you can throw away at a single time. If you have enough household waste to be contemplating renting a dumpster, then you may want to go ahead and rent a dumpster. While you could use your regular trash service to throw it away, it might be too much of a nuisance to do so.

Fortunately, dumpster rental can handle household trash. If you are getting rid of a large amount of stuff, a dumpster might be your best bet. It is faster and easier than using your community’s curbside heavy trash pickup. It may also be less expensive, since many areas have surcharges for heavy trash disposal. You may want a better alternative for junk removal NJ.

You can throw common household trash into a dumpster. Household trash includes non-hazardous household materials, including your regular trash, furniture, lawn waste, and some appliances. Generally, most stuff you find in a normal house can go in a dumpster.

However, there are some guidelines you should keep in mind. Wooden furniture can go in a dumpster. Untreated wood in tables, bed frames, chairs, and other furniture can all be put in a dumpster. Most painted or treated furniture can also go in the dumpster.

Household appliances can also go in the dumpster. You can get rid of most small appliances like toasters or coffee makers in dumpsters or in your household trash. However, there may be rules about larger appliances in your household trash. You will also want to recycle components from your electronic devices. In addition, refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers sometimes have different rules because they may be full of coolant. Contact the company in charge of your rubbish removal & dumpster rentals Monmouth, Ocean County to ask about specific appliances.

While yard waste is not technically household waste, it is one of the big reasons people need to get rid of trash. You can throw non-hazardous organic materials in dumpsters. In fact, they are an ideal way to dispose of large amounts of organic materials. You can even throw dirt into dumpsters. However, if the dirt has been contaminated, you cannot throw it in your household trash or in a dumpster. You may also want to look at other alternatives for dirt disposal; many communities offer dirt disposal alternatives that are less expensive for you.

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